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  1. musicandreverie replied to your postHaha, your memory is indeed failing you! I’m in Ontario. Ottawa it would have to be, I guess. Good luck to you, too! I hope one of us gets it!

     musicandreverie replied to your postPS: Do you have 20 friends that would even want to go to this? Haha. I don’t think I do.

    ummm. shit. i thought you may be in good ol’ onterrible.
    you told me once … near toronto is it?
    sowwie. i blame old age on the failing memory.

    and funny you say that, cos i was thinking when i read the contest details “up to 20 friends” …  like … do i even have 20 friends, let alone 20 that would wanna go?
    probs not. youre on my list for sure.  

    1. musicandreverie said: Haha, I’m very glad you say that. I was going to say the same thing, “Do I even have 20 friends period?” but then decided to leave that part out. And I’m in good ol’ Owen Sound. If I won, I’d probably have to beef up my friends from tumblr.
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